Farm Workers

farm workerJoe is a temporary farm worker. "Life is good," says Joe, "I pick pumpkins in Riverside, strawberries in Oxnard, grapes in the wine country, and apples in the State of Washington. I am always outside in the fresh air."

"The problem I have is when I am between jobs; I am not sure where I will be staying. I use a friend's phone number where my boss, friends and family can call me, but I don't always get the message and it's hard to make a call from there. Also, I have to keep all my money in cash because I don't have a bank account and cannot qualify for a credit card," says Joe.

Joe was very happy when his boss told him about CellPlusPlus and how it could help him. "CellPlusPlus has a GenieCard Visa® Prepaid Card with it and my bosses can give me my pay as a direct deposit, no more paying 3 to 5 percent to the check cashing store for cashing my paycheck. I can get cash at any ATM Machine, or use my GenieCard anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted and I don't have to worry about having enough cash with me all the time, it is much safer," says Joe.

CellPlusPlus also gives Joe a permanent telephone number so his boss, friends and family can reach him, leave a message, page him or send him a fax, often at no charge to them. Joe can use his toll-free number to pick up his messages, return telephone calls and even call his mother in El Paso, Texas. "Now I don't have to pay my friend for calls I make from his phone anymore. He was charging me a lot, too."

"I gave my mother her own GenieCard Companion Card so that when I am picking apples in Washington, I can share some money from my GenieCard with her GenieCard and giver her the cash she needs for the family. It is better then buying money orders and cheaper than using Western Union®, says Joe.

CellPlusPlus is a prepaid service from AllCom that can answer many of Joe's problems easily. CellPlusPlus gives you:

  • A regular phone number that's yours no matter WHERE you go!
  • Voice mail - You'll never miss a message to "Oh, I forgot.
  • Fax mail - Accepts faxes as well, without Fax machine!
  • Calling card for domestic AND international calls.
  • Web based E-Mail Address.
  • A toll-free number good anywhere in the US & Canada - You can check messages AND make calls from anywhere, without having to worry about the change in your pocket.
  • Web Based Access - Check your messages AND faxes from any PC with sound capability. A Library or friend's PC is all you need.
  • A GenieCard account - Great for electronic payroll OR check deposits.
  • A GenieCard - Get fast access to your cash. Make purchases anywhere Visa cards are accepted.
  • A Companion GenieCard - Send it to another family member so that you can send money home. Much cheaper and easier access then Western Union®!
  • An International Public Access Network so you can be reached by your family back home at no charge to them!

CellPlusPlus can give you everything you could possibly need in one, convenient prepaid package of $9.95 per month. Starting out or starting over - you won't need to worry about having the basics covered. Genie will be there for you all day, every day!

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