Road Warriors

road warriorHave Genie* will travel; George Sands is always on the move across Texas, Nevada, California and often traveling nationwide. Of course, keeping in contact is vital, however George is frequently unavailable. He spends a large portion of his day in industry trade conventions in hotel convention centers where often his cell phone doesn't get reception so he uses his favorite CellPlusPlus feature FollowMe. Sometimes he doesn't take his laptop on trips - George would rather travel light. CellPlusPlus solved all his problems in one inexpensive package, just $9.95 per month!

When George knows he'll be unreachable, he tells Genie* to take his messages and uses CellPlusPlus to retrieve them online with any Internet enabled computer from his GenieMail* account. When visiting clients or making presentations, he simply accesses the Internet at his client's office or booth and retrieves his faxes and messages from the Genie Online web site. George also uses Internet terminals in hotels, cafes, and airports or uses one of the International Local Access Numbers or his toll free number for huge savings.

George saves money for all his clients that way too. He gives them his CellPlusPlus Toll Free Telephone Number or their local CellPlusPlus Public Access Number and they can reach him at no charge, wherever in the world he is! George remains completely in touch with his clients and his work, free of large telephone bills, and no longer misses flights from being held up in security screening with his laptop.

One thing George does carry with him wherever he goes is his GenieCard Visaź Prepaid Card. Before each trip, his home office loads his expense allotment onto his GenieCard which he uses wherever Visa debit cards are accepted at any ATM displaying the Visa and Interlink brand marks. Now he always knows just what's available and has a record of all his expenses as verification.

With CellPlusPlus his GenieCard communication and finance get handled with one simple tool that fits in his wallet. Now that's traveling light!

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