Temp Workers

temp workerIrene Papagallos makes her living as a temporary worker. "Have skills, will travel - that's my motto," says Irene. "I love the challenge of coming into a different workplace every few days or weeks. What I didn't love, though, was figuring out how to let people reach me or get my next assignment. Getting paid by so many different companies was also a hassle; some wanted to pay me directly, others wanted to pay my agency instead and they made me wait for checks to clear before I got my money.

"CellPlusPlus solved all my problems once and for all. Now I only have to give people one number to reach me, no matter where I am or what I'm doing. Genie* screens my calls and finds me wherever I ask her to with FollowMe. No more having someone guess whether to use my home number, my cell phone, or call some office where I happened to work last week.

"The best thing about it is that with CellPlusPlus I can change how I'm reached whenever I want. Some businesses are OK with me getting calls on my cell phone, others don't want personal calls at all, and some office buildings are in 'dead zones' where I couldn't get a call if I wanted to.

"That's no problem with CellPlusPlus. As soon as I get to wherever I'm working that day I ask and then just access my account on line and set my FollowMe service however I want it. I like to do it on the web because I'm a fast typist, but it's just as easy to do over the phone. I can receive calls, have messages taken, conference with my friends at lunchtime about plans for the weekend and get faxed directions to the next day's job all with CellPlusPlus. It's a great feeling to finally be in control!"

"I may be a great organizer and I like what I do, but frankly I love getting paid. The GenieCard Visaź Prepaid Card helps me with that too. Now I get paid with a direct deposit straight onto my GenieCard. I can get money from any ATM displaying the Visa and/or Interlink brand marks, so I never have to write checks anymore and that's the best part for me, how secure the GenieCard is. Last year, someone stole the numbers from a check I'd written and before I knew what was going on they'd drained my account of hundreds of dollars. That can't happen with my GenieCard! My GenieCard is PIN protected and only I know my PIN number."

Irene knows why the temporary agencies and past employers she works with have moved her to the top of their lists of people to call. "Of course I'm a great worker, but I'm no good to anyone if they can't get me. With Genie* and my CellPlusPlus, they know that they can either talk to me right away, or that I'll get back to them faster than anyone else. That means assignments come my way, and that means INCOME, to my GenieCard, of course!

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