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AllCom’s Mergers and Acquisitions Policy - All Dressed Up and
Nowhere to Grow?

Many entrepreneurs and small businesses find themselves facing a familiar predicament: They've built a solid, profitable business, but it's reached the limits of its growth and the future looks flat. They can't break out of the market they are in, or they can't offer the equity share to attract the new talent they need, or they're too small to swing the financing to build to that next level, and way to small to "go public." Or maybe they've just taken the business as far as they ever wanted to - they're ready to move on to other things, but have not found the right exit strategy.
If this sounds familiar, AllCom may have a solution.

Take Part in Building the Future

Sound simple? ABC Telecom and XYZ Financial Corp have each been around for a number of years. Just throw them together and you've got it, right?


There's a lot more to making one service out of these pieces than just throwing them into a box. No one would toss an engine, wheels and a chassis into a garage and expect them magically to become a high performance race car!

Mergers and Acquisitions

AllCom continues to refine and develop technology while expanding market-share through marketing and strategic acquisition. AllCom is committed to a process of internal, organic growth - building and growing our own solutions WHERE IT MAKES SENSE. But we also are continuing to build our business through judicious business combinations. We refine and develop technology while expanding through marketing and strategic acquisition. We find the best and most valuable people, companies, ideas and products in our industry, and then bring them into the AllCom fold. At the same time, we carefully build the bridges that connect and integrate those acquisitions into one organization.

Corporate combinations: How to make 1 + 1 = 11

Very often, the only things limiting a small company's growth are basic overhead and access to resources. Being part of the AllCom family brings economy of scale. Eliminate duplicate overhead and everyone profits. Bring in the ability to fully develop that one "killer application" and the market opens - usually exponentially. That's how we improve technology to secure the future. Build a larger & better team with experience and relationships in more markets. Bake a larger pie for everyone.

A Piece of the Rock

Attracting the talent you need to grow the business further - to develop that great idea, or even to just keep the wheels on - takes something beyond a checkbook. Good people require more then just a salary. They want to participate in the future of the company… to build equity.

Exit Strategy

As a principal in a small business, when the time comes that you want to sell, you must find someone who is interested not simply in investing, but in stepping into your shoes. By contrast, when you have stock in a publicly owned company you can divide it with your partners, family members, or sell the shares on the public market more easily and for better value. You don't have to find your replacement.

We've done it before and we'll do it again.

During the last two years, AllCom has successfully completed five acquisitions of emerging companies in our industry. We know the right path to bring the right people and the right companies into the right place at the right time. In short: we get it RIGHT.

What are we looking for?

AllCom is always on the lookout for companies and talented people in any of these areas:

  • Answering service companies
  • Paging companies
  • Cellular and wireless service providers
  • Prepaid ATM card issuers, providers and/or resellers
  • Companies with existing distribution channels
  • Prepaid calling cards providers
  • Direct marketing companies
  • Stored value Gift Card providers
  • Email service providers
  • Stored value service providers
  • Financial services to the vast "unbanked" community
  • Unified communications providers
  • Money service businesses
  • Voice mail providers
  • We're interested in acquiring and/or developing a relationship with the best businesses and the brightest people who have what we need, and providing what they need to take it to the next level - in a Unified Electronic Banking, Telecommunications and Internet industry.

    If you are a Principal in a unified communications, messaging, voice mail or stored-value services company anywhere in North America, and wish to explore the possibility of becoming part of the AllCom family, please call or email:

    Telephone: 800-238-2100

    Email address:

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