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It’s a Plastic World

Maybe not...

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Take it everywhere, even Cyberspace

Did you see the flat screen TV you always wanted on that web site? Ready to buy it? Well, just try stuffing coins into your modem and see how far you get. The GenieCard is accepted at ATM's and merchants around the world, and all across the Internet. You’re on and buying that indispensable what-ever-it-is, where-ever-it-is!

Don’t lose Big

Cash can really burn a hole in your pocket – and sometimes it has help from some sticky-fingered types. Or even from some unfriendly folks with big fists. And once it’s gone, it’s really gone.

Even credit cards have their risks. Sign a credit card slip for more than you thought – especially overseas – and you’re done-for! It’s your signature, after all. Never mind that you meant to spend a hundred and signed for a thousand.

But the GenieCard isn’t cash, and it isn’t a credit card. It’s a pre-paid card that never puts you at more risk than what YOU put onto it. It's Visa convenience where you set the limits.

Money Talks – Let it say “Hello” for a change

Payday can be great fun! Wait for the boss to hand out the checks, wait for a break to go to the bank, go to the next branch because the payroll account got moved, go back to pick up the ID you forgot, cash the check, and then watch a third of it blow away in the breeze after you tripped on the way back to the car...

Or – Have your employer do a direct deposit to your GenieCard.

With the GenieCard in your pocket, you can do everything from get your paycheck direct-deposited, to sharing money with family back home.

Cash Out When You NEED It

Even with all the advantages of a charge card, there are times when you do still need cash, from the street vendor who can’t take any charge card, to putting a few bucks into the office football... never mind.

The GenieCard doesn’t leave you trapped. Use it to get cash from almost any ATM around the globe. Whether it’s dollars for donuts or drachmas for dresses, you’re covered.

You’re Actually Qualified!

Have you heard those car ads on the radio, where they scream at you that “All Applications WILL be accepted!” Means you’re going to get the loan, right? Wrong! It just means that they’ll take your paperwork. It’s just like that with all those “Pre-approved” credit card offers that come in the mail. You weren’t pre-approved to get the card – you were pre-approved to get THE AD!

The GenieCard is a card you really CAN qualify for. If you (or the family members you want a card for) are at least 18, and we can verify your identification, you pretty much qualify. No long application forms and no approval process that feels more like the Inquisition.

Yours and ONLY Yours

You already know that your GenieCard is also a calling card. (You did read the Telephone page, didn’t you?!) But did you know that most calling cards are backed by nothing more than a "pooled" account, with all the balances maintained in one master account? If one cardholder ever managed to commit fraud with one of those other cards, then YOU could lose the value of YOUR card. NOT WITH THE GenieCard! Your account is completely separate from any other accounts, so nothing someone else does can ever hurt your card's value.

Never find yourself “High and Dry”

If you’ve used some none reloadable gift cards, you’ve found out that they can be a trap. Put 100 dollars on and spend 95. OOPS! Now you’ve got five “stranded” dollars on that card! You’ve got to go get ANOTHER card with ANOTHER number, and transfer those five dollars (for a fee). Whoops! There went most if not all of that five… (That’s what those other card-providers are counting on, by the way.)

The magic of Genie won’t leave you stranded on that particular desert island. You can add dollars to your GenieCard any time you want, any way you want. Use a credit card, mail a check, or print out a deposit slip from our website and walk into any branch of a participating bank. Presto! Your five lonely dollars have lots of new friends to go out and play again!

There’s More to Life than Money!

(Yes – we REALLY said that!)

Because there IS more to life than Money... There’s the Telephone and the Internet! Be sure to check out what CellPlusPlus can do for those parts of your life as well.

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