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Telephone - The “Cell” in CellPlusPlus

Is your cell phone a blessing - or a curse?

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Now you can take back your life

CellPlusPlus and Genie help you take back control of your cell phone and your life! Genie is your 24-hour personal assistant. Whoever calls - whenever they call – Genie will answer, find out who is calling and transfer the call to you, wherever YOU want. Every call is screened, so you take only the calls you want. And no caller EVER needs to know the number you answered.

You're always safe and secure, because only Genie knows!

Never give out your phone number again

How many times have you been asked for your number? Everyone wants your phone numbers - home, office, and cell phone. You always have to decide which number – IF ANY - to give them. And every time you do give someone one of those numbers, you have to worry about where it will go and who will end up with it. Will someone start calling you at home at all hours? Buzzing your cell phone during meetings? Or worse...?

Never again!

Give anyone and everyone just one number – Your Genie Number. Genie will keep you connected AND safe at the same time, letting you take ONLY those calls you want. As for the calls you don’t want? Have Genie tell the caller you are unavailable and take a message for you. They will never know.

Your Genie Number is a regular, local phone number in any of almost 5,000 cities and communities. You choose where. It’s unique to you – callers just dial your number, and they’re speaking with Genie on YOUR behalf.

Genie makes Toll-calls disappear

Sometimes, the people who need to talk to you aren’t just around the corner – they’re on the other side of the continent. CellPlusPlus has you covered there as well.

In additional to your regular, local Genie Number, you also get a Toll-Free number, good anywhere in North America. But this is NOT some separate line you need to keep track of and handle differently. Calls go to exactly the same place as your regular, local Genie Number.

Give people your toll-free number and they can reach you just as if they were calling your local number – with all of the same features and functions – but toll-free.

Voice Mail to Leave Them Speechless

Of course, you NEVER turn your cell phone off. Or have the batteries run out. Or go to sleep at night. Or get a call from someone you can’t (or don’t want to) talk to. Or find yourself someplace where there’s just no signal... right? For all of those times that “never” happen, Genie will be there to take and handle your messages. All day, every day. All night, every night.

You can check those messages in almost any way you can imagine. You can call in and check your voicemail. You can log in on the Internet to check. Or Genie will call you and notify you – more than once if you want. Genie can even send the messages to you in an email that you can save and play as often as you need.

Three’s Company, and Ten’s Allowed

Three-way calling is good. Ten-way calling is GREAT.

Whether you need to arrange a movie with a couple of friends around town, or handle a huge business deal with people around the world, Genie and CellPlusPlus are ready any time. Plan your conference days or weeks in advance – or get together on the spur of the moment. It makes no difference to Genie. There are no special codes to distribute or constantly changing conference numbers. It’s all done through your regular Genie Numbers.

Just the Fax...

Don’t you carry a fax machine with you everywhere you go? Well, now you do! Genie will take your faxes just as easily as your voice messages. And she’ll handle them in as many ways, too. She can forward them to your email, send them to any fax machine in the world, or simply let you look at them online. Why not go paperless and save money, and the environment?

Turn over a new “Page”

Remember pagers? They’re the little things that used to beep and buzz in your pocket or purse and just give you a callback number. Well, we’ve taken “paging” to a whole new level. This isn’t your granddad’s pager! For starters, CellPlusPlus will turn your cell phone - or any other phone - into a virtual pager for all those moments when people just want you to know they called, but don’t have time to leave a message.

Not only that, but people can page you free of charge through one of Genie’s International Local Access Numbers in any of 39 countries – or completely free from our Web Page ANYWHERE in the world. If an astronaut can get to a web page, even the WORLD isn’t the limit!

And unlike an old-fashioned pager, Genie can handle those pages just like your voice messages, by sending them wherever you want: as notifications, email attachments and more. And when you’re ready to return that call, just press the star key. It’s that simple.

International reach on a Local budget

In today’s world, you often need to reach people and places all around the world. And CellPlusPlus can handle that as well.

GenieNet reaches around the globe with a network of International Public Access Numbers on an international level. People in 39 countries (and counting) around the world can make a local call in THEIR country, then enter YOUR Genie Number and be talking to you in moments. Put down the calculator, and forget about the bank loan – Genie connects you without those outrageous “international” calling rates that can often run as high as several DOLLARS per call!

But Wait – There’s More!

(You knew that was coming, right?)

CellPlusPlus is a lot more than just great Telephone features! Click below to check out a whole new way to manage Money and the Internet as well. It’s ALL part of CellPlusPlus!

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