CellPlusPlus Value

The Good, the Better and the Best

Making calls with your CellPlusPlus service is one of the best values on the planet. In fact, a huge number of the calls you can make are FREE. Thousands of others are only 4 cents per minute.

Here’s how it works:

FREE CALLING - All of these calls are FREE:

Calls you make from your CellPlusPlus to:

  • Any CellPlusPlus
  • Any Universal Office
  • Any GeniePhone

Calls you make from your GeniePhone to:

  • Any GeniePhone
  • Any CellPlusPlus
  • Any Universal Office

Calls, Faxes and Pages OTHERS made to you on your local Genie Number

FOUR CENT CALLING - All of these Calls are 4 cents a minute

Calls you make, or made on your behalf (FollowMe, Notifications or AudioGrams), to any “land line” number in the US, Canada or the UK. Calls, Faxes or Pages OTHERS make to you on your Toll-Free Genie Number, from anywhere in the US or Canada.

Calls to over 1,500 International Calling Destinations

Pick a country from this drop-down list or enter a country code to see the incredible number of places you can call for only 4 cents a minute!


  Country Code:

The Flat rate of 4 cents per minute means No Peak Times or "Special Charges" during "Business Hours." YOUR business happens any time of day. With CellPlusPlus, you always know what you’ll pay.

4 Cents per minute to over 1,500 International calling destinations


Beyond our huge list of over 1,500 international destinations, you can also call anywhere worldwide at our Great Value rates. Our rates are far better than you can find most anywhere. And there a no minimum commitment - you are charged only for the calls you make.

Pick a country from this drop-down list or enter a country code to see our current Great Value rate to that destination.


  Country Code:


Just look at the map below, to get an idea of the real value of your CellPlusPlus. Just hover your mouse over any of the phones "around the world" to see the ways CellPlusPlus connects you to the rest of the planet.

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