The AllCom Vision

AllCom has concentrated on expanding its vision beyond today's norm in two very important ways: seamless integration and wide distribution. The first fundamental principle of the AllCom vision is already a working reality, while application of the second is well underway.

First Principle - A Truly Seamless System MUST Operate On A Truly Integrated Platform.

AllCom has many competitors supporting some subset of the features we offer. None support our full set of capabilities, and all treat those service combinations as separate functions to be tied together, (often with string and bailing wire).

To grasp the inherent superiority of the Universal Office platform, it is crucial to understand the simple fact that it actually IS a unified platform. Rather than grafting a call processing package onto an email function and then tying those to a debit card system, AllCom combined all of those functions, and more, into a single information processing system. The Universal Office moves information not from one system to another, but from one purpose to another within one system.

Because of its unified approach, the Universal Office platform handles transactions more rapidly, at lower costs than its rivals, allows for combinations of services not possible with post-bundled systems, and guarantees that future feature additions will remain as fully integrated as current services.

Second Principle - Integrated Distribution Of Processing Is Vital To Growth And Scalability.

As important as full integration is, it need not – indeed must not - mean that only a single, gargantuan system serves as the nucleus or all processing. Such an approach would mean that growth cannot proceed past a very short point.

For this reason, AllCom is focusing a great deal of attention on the complete integration of the GeniePhone and Genie’s LAMP into the Universal Office platform. Genie’s LAMP is far more than just a local connectivity device - it is a fully featured Local Access Message Processor. In the new architecture, the majority of the features now provided through the central host processors of the Universal Office will be handled on a distributed basis by GeniePhones downloaded to our subscribers’ computers all around the world.

Through tight integration between host, Genie’s LAMP, and the GeniePhone, messages, transactions, faxes, and all of the other information flows, will travel at the best possible speed over the least costly routes. The ability of the GeniePhone to make direct use of phone lines local to the location where it is installed means that our services can be offered, fully integrated, in vast areas of the world never before even considered for "local" communications services. Using this approach, we can conceivably offer a customer in London, England or London, Canada the full suite of Universal Office services, with no infrastructure expansion on our part.

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